iPhone14에 적용되는 M12 구조의 Supply chain

Samsung Display’s New Material Structure M12, iPhone14 Pro Models Only

Samsung Display's M12 structure (to be applied to iPhone 14)

Supply Chain of M12 Structure Applied to iPhone14

Samsung Display will apply the new material structure M12 only to the top two Pro models of Apple’s iPhone 14 series, scheduled to be released in the second half of the year. For the lower two models, the M11 structure applied to the iPhone13 is used as it is.

Samsung Display supplies OLED to all four iPhone14 series. Samsung Display uses the same M11 structure applied to iPhone13 as it is for iPhone14 and 14 Max, the two lower models to which LTPS TFT is applied. Samsung Display applies a new structure, M12 structure, to 14 Pro and Pro Max to which LTPO TFT is applied.

The reason why Samsung Display applies a material structure differently to the iPhone series seems to be Apple’s cost-saving measure. In Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S22 series released in the first half of the year, M11 was applied to Ultra and Plus models and M10 was applied to regular models.

Samsung Display’s new material structure M12 is applied to Apple’s iPhone14 series and Samsung Electronics’ foldable phones Z Fold4 and Z Flip4.

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