[Analyst Column] If You Can’t Do OLED, Don’t Even Dream About QLED

As the next generation TV technology, QLED is becoming an issue in media. This is because Samsung Electronics selected QLED TV as the next product after the currently selling SUHD TV.

[Analyst Column] LCD Industry Administration to Worsen after 3 Years

BOE is intending to carry out a large amount of investment in order to operate Gen10.5 LCD line from 2018. Meanwhile, key set makers including Apple, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Panasonic are devising strategy to move from LCD to OLED for smartphone and premium TV displays. As such, it is becoming more likely for the LCD industry to be in slump from 2018.

[Analyst Column] Korean Display Industry Is On Descent

The analysis of 2015 2Q results of Samsung Display and LG Display shows clear indication that Korean display industry is on descent.

[Analyst Column] LG Display Q2 Earnings Analysis and Signification of Flexible OLED Investment

On July 23, LG Display announced its earnings results at LG Twin Towers in Yeouido, South Kore and approx. US$ 900,000,000 investment for Gen6 flexible OLED line in order to lead flexible OLED market.

[Analyst Column] Korean TV Industry, Where to Go?

Korean TV industry, according to recent reports by media, is showing a red light not being able to escape the deficit structure. OLED TV is the only answer.

[Analyst Column] Green Light Lit for Korean Display Industry?

After the weak showing of 5 quarters, Korea’s display panel industry is distinctively showing trend of growth. According to Samsung Electronics and LG Display’s 1Q 2015 performance announcements, the total sales of Korean display of 1Q is approximately US$ 12,900,000,000.

[Analyst Column] The Reason Samsung Must Undertake OLED TV and Technology Course Analysis

In 2014, as the revenue and business profit fluctuated greatly per quarter, Samsung Display carried out management evaluation with BCG. One of the conclusions is known to be Gen10 LCD investment together with large area OLED for TV investment.

[Analyst Column] Encapsulation Technology, Where is it Going?

OLED market is heating up again. Rigid OLED market growth was temporarily stalled but with Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics’ new flexible (plastic) OLED products, Galaxy S6 Edge and G Flex 2 respectively, ...

[Analyst Column] AMOLED equipped smartphone promotes enlargement of the display on mobile device

According to the “2015 OLED Display Annual Report” published by UBI Research, it was researched that the 5-inch AMOLED display is the main product for a smartphone.

[Analyst Column] The last station of TV is the contrast ratio as seen at CES2015

Began from a CRT, also called brown-tube, the TV market went through a LCD TV, a PDP, and a LED and finally reached at an OLED TV.

[Analyst Column]The key technology to realize 8K OLED TV is transparent hybrid encapsulation technology

Along with LG Electronics, Panasonic and Skyworth joined the UHD TV industry as releasing the 55-inch ...