Nano Korea 2022 Exhibition Contents

From July 6th to the 8th, NANO Korea 2022 Exhibition was held at the Kintex 1st Exhibition Hall Ilsan. The exhibition consisted of 604 booths from 343 companies. The International Nanotechnology Convergence Exhibition, the International Adhesive Coating Film Convergence Material Exhibition, the International Laser Technology Exhibition, the International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition, and the International Smart Sensor Technology Exhibition were just a few represented at this exhibition.
One display company, AMOGREENTECH, a company based on nanomaterials, exhibited thermally conductive adhesive sheets and thermally conductive pastes as heat dissipation solutions with low dielectric constant and high thermal conductivity. The products exhibited by AMOGREENTECH showed a simple process structure and high heat resistance and transfer characteristics.

CollTech booth

CollTech, an adhesive solution company established in 2013, is converting its adhesive business from film to liquid to reduce the display bezel of automotive displays. An official from Coll tech stated, “Since it is difficult to develop a liquid adhesive from the beginning, we are developing it in advance for films. Recently, companies have been requesting a lot of liquid type adhesives or sealing agents containing black pigments during UV curing.”

Films exhibited by AMTE

AMTE, which produces functional coating materials and films, exhibited high-hardness antifouling coatings used for OLED and LCD, high-brightness anti-glare coatings, transparent antistatic coatings, and blue light cut coatings.
French laser company Amplitude exhibited laser equipment used for display repair, panel shape cut, and camera hole cut. Recently, Amplitude mentioned that he is testing a ‘giga burst’ technology that improves machinability by splitting laser pulses into 200-800 pieces.
In addition, laser companies such as Coherent and Trumpf exhibited their laser equipment, and various display-related companies such as Evident Korea, Nanosolution, Profinecam, and Iotechnics exhibited their products.