LG OLED evo, praised by local media in Japan, proven OLED TV competitiveness

LG Electronics' OLED evo (model name: 42C2)

LG Electronics’ OLED evo (model name: 42C2)

LG Electronics’ OLED evo was selected as the best TV in Japan in recognition of its overwhelming picture quality competitiveness and differentiated customer viewing experience.

LG Electronics’ OLED evo (model name: 42C2) received the gold award and film critics special award, the highest award at the ‘VGP (Visual GrandPrix) 2023’ hosted by Sound Source Publishing, one of Japan’s most prestigious AV media, and a special critic in the video category.

Regarding the LG OLED evo, VGP said, “It is a premium TV that allows you to properly enjoy the delicate and three-dimensional images that 4K OLED TVs express as well as the best immersion.”, “Not only the highest level of visual beauty based on the overwhelming contrast ratio and black expression, but also excellent convenience features such as support for four HDMI 2.1 ports are also advantages.”

LG OLED evo (model name: 42C2) was selected as the best product in the 50-inch or smaller OLED TV category at the ‘Best Buy Winter 2022’ selected by HiVi, one of Japan’s most prestigious AV media last year. Following this, he also won the Silver Award in succession at the ‘HiVi Grand Prix 2022’.

Hivi said, “LG ​​Electronics, as the originator of OLED TVs, is presenting a variety of lineups equipped with not only image quality but also ease of use and beautiful designs. In particular, the LG OLED evo showed high definition that far exceeded all 42-inch OLED TVs introduced by other manufacturers last year.”

LG Electronics has proven its competitiveness in Japan, where premium TVs, including OLED, are highly preferred. In particular, it is expected to continue to lead the market in that it has been recognized as the best product one after another, beating Japanese local companies called famous TV companies. LG Electronics is accelerating its technology differentiation by recently launching LG OLED Flex, a bendable gaming OLED TV, in Japan.

“This award is the result of recognizing LG Electronics’ unrivaled OLED technology leadership accumulated over the past 10 years,” said Son Seong-joo, head of LG Electronics’ Japanese subsidiary.

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