[2nd OLED KOREA Conference] Visionox Reveals Core Keyword for Flexible OLED Surge

On February 24, Dr. Xiuqi Huang, Visionox’s general manager, gave a keynote speech at the 2nd OLED KOREA Conference (Feb 24-25). With the presentation title of Development of AMOLED Display: From Rigid to Flexible, Dr. Huang discussed how the flexible display was introduced and its future.


Flexible display is expected to solve CRT’s heavy weight, and FPD’s design limitation. Key issues include thin film formation process, structure that can withstand bending, and materials with high tensile strength. Dr. Huang emphasized that OLED is a display that can solve all 3 issues.


In order for flexible OLED to make the leap, Dr. Huang announced that 7 technological developments need to be carried out: encapsulation, TFT backplane, array design, flexible technology, flexible substrate, stress management, and module integration.


Visionox first developed flexible OLED in 2001, and revealed 5.2 inch flexible AMOLED of rollable type with 3 mm curvature radius and 20 um thickness in July 2015. They are aiming for mass production within 2 years.


Regarding OLED mass production, Dr. Huang revealed that the Gen 5.5 AMOLED mass production line phase1 4K will be increased to 15K until 2016, and Gen 6 AMOLED mass production line is expected to be in operation in 30K volume in 2017.


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