[2nd OLED KOREA Conference] LG Display, OLED is the Next Generation Display that Satisfies Both Performance and Design

In the 2nd OLED KOREA Conference (Feb 24-25), Won-Gyun Youn, LG Display’s head of OLED TV Product Planning Team, gave a keynote speech. Through the presentation, he emphasized the importance of display’s design and performance and discussed why OLED will become important in next generation display.


Youn told the attendees that in the last few years, display performance issues, such as 3D, UHD, and HDR, and design issues, such as curved and super slim, arose together. Emphasizing these issues, Youn revealed that OLED is the display that can solve both. He added that in terms of performance, OLED can actualize perfect black and colors, cleanly express movement, and has wide viewing angle. In terms of design, OLED is thin and flexible, and can produce diverse shapes and be transparent.


LG Electronics and LG Display recently installed ultra large OLED signage OLED Moment in 2 places inside Incheon International Airport. They also presented OLED sculptures in various shapes such as tunnel, waves, cylinder, and others using 250 units of 55 inch OLED panels at N Seoul Tower. The 2 companies are carrying out aggressive marketing promoting OLED. Regarding OLED’s future, in short term, form factor changes are expected to occur following design change, and in mid-to-long term, the paradigm will shift with the introduction of rollable and transparent display.


Youn revealed that at present OLED has to resolve the expansion of the market and infrastructure, and improvement of productivity and technology. In order to solve this, research in improving the TFT mobility by more than 50%, and increasing the efficiency and lifetime is being carried out. He also added that they are researching ink-jet process, manufacturing equipment, and materials to develop soluble process.


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