[The 2nd OLED KOREA Conference] AIXTRON Pioneers New Sector of the Evaporation Technology

At the 2nd OLED KOREA Conference (Feb 24 – 25), Juergen Kreis, Director of Business Development of AIXTRON, gave a presentation titled ‘Cost-efficient OLED’ and discussed AIXTRON’s evaporation process technology.


AIXTRON, an evaporation manufacturing equipment production company, bought Plasma Si situated in Silicon Valley in April 2015 to develop encapsulation technology. During the presentation, Kreis focused on organic layer evaporation technology OVPD, OPTACAP, and PVPD, a polymer thin film evaporation technology.


OVPD technology deposits the materials above the substrate using the shower head corresponding to the substrate area. Kreis revealed that OVPD technology allows for the optimized evaporation and can increase the material usage efficiency and productivity.


Regarding OPTACAP, Kreis emphasized that this is an encapsulation technology that forms multilayer thin film of high flexibility with low stress and cost. AIXTRON had previously announced that they are expecting to supply to a key Asian panel company in Q1 2016.


Kreis reported that PVPD is a technology that allows for the advantages of polymer materials and CVD process. He also added AIXTRON is currently continuing to research similar process technology with low process cost and high efficiency.


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