Samsung Electronics, OLED catches 60% of whole display sales

Myeong-jin, Lee, the executive director of IR in Samsung Electronics announced that “sales volume in Q1 was recorded as 50.5 trillion won.” in the conference call of Q1, 2017 which was held on 27th, April. And “Samsung Electronics recorded 7 trillion 2900 billion won at the display area among total sales volume in the first quarter and the sales profit was 1 trillion 3000 billion won. OLED volume occupied over 60% in the total display sales volume in Q1 of Samsung Electronics.”

Chang-hoon, Lee, the director of Samsung Display expected that “The employment of OLED panel from set manufacturers in Q2 would be consistently increasing and Samsung Electronics will maintain stable performance with response for external customers and supply flexible products to core customers.” As an expectation of OLED market in 2017, it forecasts sales growth compared to previous year by expansion of flexible product supply, however there are risks due to intensifying competition of LTPS-LCD within middle-low price market.”

Yoon, Lee, the director of image-strategy marketing team, expected that “the performance in Q1 of TV market has been decreased versus previous quarter due to off-season after peak at the end of the year, and it would show degrowth compared to previous year’s same quarter for the influence of reduced demand in the area of Europe and Latin America.” Furthermore, “It expected the performance in Q2 in TV market would slightly grow versus previous quarter as accelerating the launching of new product by company, but it will show degrowth compared to previous year’s same quarter for the effect of reduced consumption in Europe.” He also expressed that they intend to concentrate on profitability by expansion of high value-added product lineup with curved and extra-large TV along with complete sales of quantum dot QLED TV products.

During the following Q&A session, at the response of inquiry of whole OLED production line in future, “LCD 7-1 line is under switching to OLED production line from the end of 2016 and OLED A3 line is in line with plan. The investment of OLED will be progressed according to customer’s needs in the future market.”

The answer for responding question of the OLED TV, “QLED TV overcomes shortcomings of OLED TV, and it is a perfectly different product for design, image quality, and life-style of consumers with the world’s first and metal-added quantum dot material. We ended the disputes over image quality by implementing 100% color volume which maintains own color without any influence by brightness.”

For a question of delay for part supply of Galaxy S8 and S8+, “We are trying to prevent problems for the initial supply through pre-contract with involved companies and it is smoothly progressing without any difficulties. Other parts will be also supplied without any troubles through dualized operation.”

At the last question for the OLED TV development of Samsung Electronics, “We are developing a diverse technology to apply for the TV as well as OLED and now, we are concentrating upon technology development for the next generation including Quantum dot. We will strengthen the market control at the field of differentiating products, extra-large and high value-added products through a diverse new technology as well as OLED TV and catch the securement of profitability.”