[SID 2023 Keynote] Tianma leaps forward to become one of the top 3 global display makers with the ‘2+1+N’ strategy

SID2023 Tianma Keynote

SID2023 Tianma Keynote

At SID 2023 held in Los Angeles, USA, Charles Peng, chairman of Tianma, delivered a keynote speech under the theme of ‘New Trends and Strategies for the Display Industry’. Chairman Charles Peng predicted that the proportion of LCD applied to smartphone displays will continue to decrease, while the proportion of AMOLED will increase and exceed 50% by 2024.

Chairman Peng said “By 2025, smartphone shipments with LTPO backplanes will reach 50%. Currently, Tianma is sequentially supplying AMOLED with LTPO backplane to flagship and foldable models and LTPS backplane to high-end and mid-range models.”

Chairman Peng continued, “In the current display market, the shipments of products with 150 ppi or more account for only 13%, but account for 60% of the total display market revenue, and products with 150 ppi or less account for 87% of shipments, but the market revenue is 40%. “It is important to capture the outstanding profitability of displays with high added value and high resolution.” Chairman Peng said, “In line with this trend, Tianma is pursuing a ‘2+1+N’ strategy that expands two core businesses such as smartphones and displays for automobiles, one core growth business for IT displays, and value-added businesses such as industries and applications. We will leap forward to become one of the world’s top three display companies.”

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