Samsung Display Shows OLED/LCD Confidence in IMID

In IMID Display 2015 Business Forum (October 14 – 15), Samsung Display Vice President Hak Sun Kim gave a presentation titled ‘New Experience with Large Screen LCD/OLED’ and discussed Samsung Display’s technological points and strategy regarding OLED and LCD.


Kim emphasized that in the current large area display panel market LCD and OLED should be approached through different points of view and strategies; LCD requires additional value on top of existing technology and OLED should develop a new market that LCD cannot reach.


At present, LCD is catching up to OLED in large area panel through diverse technology development. Kim revealed that the key factors in large area LCD panel are immersion and realism. Immersion can catch up to OLED through curved technology, and realism can be matched through contrast increasing technology.


Regarding OLED, Kim mentioned transparent and mirror OLED display, developed by Samsung Display, as examples and stressed that future display’s worth when switched off will become important. Different from LCD, OLED’s transmittance and emitting areas can be separated and increase the transmittance value above that of LCD; when applied to transparent display, adequate transmittance can be achieved. Additionally, when used as mirror display, OLED’s transmittance and reflectance act independently which makes it more suitable in application compared to LCD where the two act in inverse proportion.


In this IMID Display exhibition, Samsung Display presented 55inch ultra-slim UHD curved TV, transparent, and mirror OLED display simultaneously. It is estimated that Samsung Display will continue their 2-track strategy where they reveal both OLED and LCD in different applications. On October 14, Dong-gun Park, CEO of Samsung Display, announced that they will strive to continue leading the market through unrivaled OLED and LCD technology prowess.

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