LG UHD OLED TV Price Falls Once More

The price of OLED TV by LG Electronics is falling fast. The 55inch flat UHD OLED TV (55EF9500), released last month, fell to $3,999 in 3 weeks, a 27% decrease from the initial $5,499. This price decrease is much faster than that of LG Electronics’ curved model of 55inch UHD OLED TV released in April.


Samsung Electronics’ 55inch SUHD TV, UN55JS9000, showed approximately over $2,500 price difference in comparison with 55EF9500 between the 1st week and the 2nd week of September. However, in the 3rd week, UN55JS9000 and 55EF9500 each showed 4% and 15% of decrease rate to record $2,497 and $3,999 respectively, with approximately $1,500 difference. This is the highest reduction rate for LG Electronics’ OLED TV.


lg oled tv price fall


In addition to the price reduction, LG Electronics is marketing their products aggressively. They are in the process of installing OLED TV this month in 39 key airports in 23 countries including the US, Germany, and Russia, with plans to install approximately 200 units of OLED TV by the end of October.

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