OLED shipments for smartphones, China will reverse in 2025

According to the 3rd quarter OLED Market Track published by UBI Research, China’s OLED shipments for smartphones (including foldable phones) are expected to surpass Korea in 2025.

However, since OLEDs made by Chinese companies are cheaper than Korean products, it is expected that Korea will dominate in terms of sales until 2027.

OLEDs produced by Korean display makers are of excellent quality and will maintain their superiority in sales for the time being.

However, Chinese display makers, based on the huge domestic market and government support, are also improving in quality and knocking on the market with cost-effectiveness, so sales are expected to reverse after 2028 as well.

In order for Korea to maintain its display industry, it is necessary to expand the OLED market for IT and TV, which is difficult for Chinese companies to enter the market. In addition, it is time to make a quick transition to the micro display industry for XR, which is emerging as a new market.

Although China’s investment is ahead of the micro display, it is an area where Korean displays can easily establish a foothold because it requires a precision process similar to that of semiconductors.

Display companies were in a situation where they were chasing Korean companies, but now we have to humbly accept that Korean display companies are in a situation where they have to catch up with Chinese companies.

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