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LG Display “A significant portion of the panel inventory adjustment that has been ongoing since last year is expected to turn profitable in the 4th quarter”

LG Display’s 2Q 2023 Performance Summary

LG Display’s 2Q 2023 Performance Summary

In a conference call on LG Display’s Q2 2023 earnings announcement held on the 26th, LG Display CFO Seong-Hyeon Kim announced, “As a significant portion of panel inventory adjustments have been made, a turnaround is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.”

Since last year, intensive inventory adjustments in downstream industries have continued, centering on TV and IT products, and panel inventory levels across the industry ecosystem have been declining. In the second quarter, demand for mid- to large-sized panels, including OLED TVs, increased and shipments expanded. Compared to the previous quarter, shipment area increased by 11% and sales increased by 7%.

Sales by product (based on sales) in the second quarter were 24% for TV panels, 42% for IT panels (monitors, laptops, tablet PCs, etc.), 23% for mobile panels and other products, and 11% for automobile panels.

LG Display plans to continue to promote ‘advanced business structure’ centered on ‘order-based business’ and expand the proportion of OLED business. It plans to further increase the proportion of OLED and business competitiveness in all large- and small- and medium-sized products. This year, OLED sales are expected to exceed 50%.

In the small and medium-sized OLED sector, it plans to make efforts to expand mobile product shipments based on the expanded production capacity, while further solidifying its leadership in IT OLED technology and preparing for mass production and supply systems in 2024 without a hitch. The automotive display business plans to focus on increasing sales and order receipts based on various and differentiated technological competitiveness that encompasses tandem OLED and high-end LCD.

Kim Seong-hyun, CFO of LG Display, said, “It is judged that the inventory adjustment of downstream industries, which has been ongoing since last year, has progressed considerably since the first half of the year.” Thanks to the expansion of order-based business performance, such as increased shipments, we expect a turnaround in the fourth quarter.”

LG Display announced that it recorded sales of KRW 4,738.6 billion and operating loss of KRW 881.5 billion in the second quarter of 2023.

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