LG Display Expected to Supply only LTPO Panels for iPhone 15 to be Released in 2023

iPhone 15 expected lineup

iPhone 15 expected lineup

It is forecasted that LG Display will supply only two panels of the LTPO model among the iPhone 15 series to be released in 2023. It is unlikely that panels will be supplied to 6.1 inch LTPS models that have previously supplied panels. LG Display first started supplying OLED panels for the iPhone11 Pro max released in 2019 and supplied LTPO TFT-applied panels for the first time for the iPhone14 Pro max released this year.

According to the prospect that LG Display will supply LTPO panels for iPhone 15 to be released next year, Samsung Display and LG Display will jointly supply LTPO models. Samsung Display is expected to supply panels for all 4 types of iPhone15, LG Display for 2 pro models, and BOE for 6.1-inch LTPS models. It is still unknown whether BOE will supply panels for the 6.7-inch LTPS model.

It was in 2017 that Apple began to apply OLED to iPhone. LTPO TFT was applied from the iPhone13 pro series released last year and LTPO TFT applied panel was supplied to Apple for the first time by Samsung Display.

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