[IMID 2022 Keynote] Samsung Display Announces OLED Big Step in 2022

At IMID 2022 held in BEXCO, Busan, from August 23rd to the 26th, Samsung Display CEO Joo-seon Choi gave a keynote speech, ‘Changing Display Industry with Disruptive Innovation’. He announced plans to expand the display business for automobiles and invest in micro-displays for AR/VR.

Samsung Display's mid- to long-term plans

Samsung Display’s mid- to long-term plans

First, President Choi mentioned the investment in 8.5G IT OLED and said, “When 8G ledger is used, glass efficiency is improved by more than 20% compared to the existing 6G half cut. This will accelerate the penetration of OLED in the IT market. Through this, we are also targeting the automotive display market in the future.”

Characteristics of premium OLED for automobiles

Characteristics of premium OLED for automobiles

Next, President Choi showed key features in Premium OLED in Automotive

 ‘Safety’ – accurate information with the characteristics of premium OLED for automobiles.

‘Interior Design’ – such as narrow bezel and multi-lamination.

‘Entertainment’ – high brightness through tandem structure and wide color gamut of OLED emphasized.

Samsung Display's AR/VR micro display

Samsung Display’s AR/VR micro display

Finally, “The AR/VR industry is a great opportunity to expand the display market. Samsung Display plans to develop micro-displays for AR/VR, such as micro-OLED and micro LED, to keep pace with the market needs. For the AR/VR industry to develop, cooperation across the ecosystem is important.”

According to the announcement, Samsung Display is aiming for commercialization in 2026 by mass-producing prototypes in 2024 and expanding the capacity in 2025. This is the first time that Samsung Display has revealed a specific time for AR/VR business.

In the announcement, CEO Joo-sun Choi predicted that the self-luminous display market would reach $100 billion in 2030 and that displays would penetrate all industries.

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