2023 OLED KOREA Conference “OLED, a premium electronic product lineup and micro display, a promising future industry”

OLED KOREA, hosted by UBI Research, a market research company, will be held at the Central Park Hotel in Songdo, Incheon from April 12 to 14. OLED KOREA, which marks its 7th anniversary, is a business conference where top authorities in display from Korea, Japan, Asia, the United States, and Europe gather.

This conference will deal with the topics of OLED, which has become a premium electronic product, and micro-display for AR and VR, which are rapidly emerging as future industries.

In order for OLED to replace LCD, the emergence of phosphorescent blue materials is the most important. At this conference, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and UDC will introduce the direction of phosphorescent material development. Commercialization of phosphorescent blue materials will be an inflection point that can overturn the display industry.

There are two types of micro displays: micro OLED and micro LED. While micro OLED is leading the way for VR, micro LED is gradually taking its place in AR. In OLED KOREA, programs are composed of AR companies, micro display manufacturers, and related technology companies. It will be an important place to guess who will be the winner of the future micro display.

The pre-registration period for this conference is until April 7, 2023, and you can check program and speaker information and register for the event through the website (https://oledkoreaconference.com/).