Merck, introducing future-oriented material for the display in SID 2017

Merck said new display technologies and upcoming projects will be presented at SID Display Week 2017

In addition, Merck will exhibit a broad portfolio of products and services under the theme of ‘The Perfect Pixel – Advanced materials for display and beyond’.

“We are gradually improving not only display technologies but also quality, reliability and service through our close relationship with our clients,” said Michael Heckmeier, General Manager of Display Materials Business at Merck.

He also revealed the future plan, saying “continuous development will further solidify our market position as a leading company. We will provide a better product experience for end-user by developing eco-friendly and efficient production processes. ”

To this end, Merck added, “apart from unrestricted designing, flexibility, or color gamut, contrast and energy efficiency, we can focus on innovative products such as liquid crystal window (LCW) module.”

<OLED Display, source: Merck>

At the SID conference, Merck will present the development status of soluble materials for ink-jet printing.

According to Merck, red and green layers made with ink-jet printing have shown efficiency similar to those made with vacuum deposition technology.
Ink-jet printing approach can realize a large-sized OLED panel bigger than Gen8 with RGB pixel structure; it is developed as a simple layer with high material utilization efficiency, which is cost effective in mass production.

At the OLED Korea Conference, Merck said, “Red shows a 16.4% luminescence efficiency and LT95 2,000h long life expectancy; for green 18.7% and LT95 8,000h; blue 7.5% LT95 500h (based on 1,000cd/m2). He once said that the corporate goal is to develop a fluorescent blue dopant with  luminous efficiency higher than 11%, a phosphorescent deep red dopant improving from 20 cd/A brightness to 80 cd/A and phosphorescent green dopant with improved roll off.”