2016 Global OLED Emitting Materials Market to Record $677Mn…94% by Samsung and LG

OLED Emitting Materials Market Forecast, Source: UBI Research’s 2016 OLED Emitting Materials Annual Report


Hyunjoo Kang / Reporter / jjoo@olednet.com

This year’s global OLED emitting materials market is expected to record US$ 677 million, approximately a 16% increase compared to 2015.

According to 2016 OLED Emitting Materials Annual Report, published by UBI Research, the global OLED emitting materials market is to grow at CAGR of 46%, and record US$ 4,323 million in 2021. The reasons for continued rapid growth include AMOLED equipped smartphone and large area OLED panel mass production increase. AMOLED panel equipped Galaxy S7 series is expected to be a hit this year, and AMOLED application of mainstream Galaxy series is also expected to increase compared to last year.

Furthermore, LG Display is planning to greatly increase this year’s large area OLED panel production. Chinese panel companies are also to actively begin AMOLED panel mass production from this year. Accordingly, the amount of OLED materials entering the global display market will increase.

The global demand for OLED emitting materials in 2016 is estimated to be approximately 38 tonnes. Of this, the amount expected to be used in Korea is approximately 36 tonnes, about 93% of the total demand. Basically, just the amount used by the 2 Korean OLED panel companies, Samsung Display and LG Display, is 93% of the global market. 64% of the total demand is Samsung Display, and 29% is LG Display.

In terms of revenue, of this year’s US$ 677 million, Samsung Display and LG Display are expected to occupy 94%.

As key Chinese panel companies, including BOE, are carrying out or planning AMOLED mass production line, China’s emitting materials demand is estimated to increase from 2017. Accordingly, of global OLED demand, China’s proportion is expected to increase each year, and Korea’s to decrease.

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