OLED for Smart Watch!

140912_Smart Watch는 OLED다

As Apple announces the Apple watch on the 9th (local time), the battle of a smart watch began for electronic companies including Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony, Motorola, and even ASUS. With the Samsung’s smart watch the Galaxy Gear, most of the products are released in the form similar to a square type display electric watch. In particular, when it comes to customer’s willingness to purchase a smart watch, the design is a critical element for it requires features for both electric device and fashion item at the same time.


Reflecting the comments that the design is rather crude, Samsung and LG adopted a new smart watch design. The Galaxy Gear of Samsung expanded the panel in 2-inch, acquiring visibility and adjusted to appropriately fit on a wrist. LG presented G Watch R with the round shape different from previous square types. The most recently unveiled Apple watch took the design of existing square form but highlighted a sense of softness as the surface curves toward the edges.


These all three products employed the flexible OLED which is thin and bendable, and enables different designs more than the glass type LCD as the cutting process is easily modifiable. Furthermore, the display qualities like the color resolution and power efficiency issues were already verified from the success of the Galaxy series which were equipped with the AMOLED panel.


The fact that Samsung, LG, and Apple chose to use the flexible OLED must be noted. From this detail, it is expected that there might be another trend in the OLED market as smart watches – though it is only three products for now- take the flexible OLED when the sales of AMOLED panel for mobiles are decreasing at present.