[IFA 2022] ASUS OLED Laptop (Vivobook, Zenbook)

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[IFA 2022] Samsung Booth (Galaxy Fold4, Galaxy Flip4)

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[IFA 2022] Huawei (P50 Pocket, MateXs 2)

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[IFA 2022] Samsung Booth (MICRO LED, Neo QLED)

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[IFA 2022] LG Display Booth

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(Sub) OLED components and material market and OLED shipment forecast!

The structure of the OLED panel is composed of various components and materials. Also, there are differences in the structure according to Flexible OLED, Foldable OLED, and W-OLED.

LG디스플레이 부스

[K-Display 2022] LG Display Online Booth Tour

This is the LG Display booth exhibited at K-Display 2022. LG Display exhibited OLED.EX, transparent OLED, and various concept OLED products.

LG디스플레이 투명OLED

[K-Display 2022] LG Display’s Transparent OLED

This is LG Display’s new transparent OLED display. It was amazing to actually see the technology we saw in sci-fi movies when we were young.

삼성디스플레이 Flex OLED

[K-Display 2022] Samsung Display’s Flex OLED lineup

This is Samsung Display’s Flex OLED lineup. We were able to see the Flex S, which was made after the first letter S of Samsung, and the Flex G, which folds three times.

삼성디스플레이 QD-OLED

[K-Display 2022] Samsung Display’s QD-OLED

Samsung Display unveiled QD-OLED for the first time in Korea. It is unfortunate that the camera cannot capture the advantages of QD-OLED, but I hope you enjoy it.

Can VR replace TVs and monitors? Industry Movement!?

(Sub) Can VR replace TVs and monitors? Industry Movement!?

Have you ever used a VR device? In VR, immersion and sense of presence are very important.

(SUB) Apple’s OLED product roadmap (What is the expected structure of a foldable laptop?!)

In this video, Apple’s OLED product roadmap, a company that accompanies innovation, was covered. OLEDs for Apple products are supplied by Samsung Display and LG Display. Apple’s presence in the display industry is great. The image of Apple’s foldable laptop that UBI Research predicts is shown in the video. What other innovative products is Apple preparing?

SID Display Week 2022

SID Display Week 2022

[SID2022] PlayNitride Booth

[SID2022] PlayNitride Booth

[SID2022] NANOSYS Booth in Display Week

[SID2022] NANOSYS Booth in Display Week

[SID2022] Samsung Display Tour 2 Display Week 2022

[SID2022] Samsung Display Tour 2 Display Week 2022

[SID2022] Display Week Booth Tour

[SID2022] Display Week Booth Tour