LG Display Vice Chairman Han Sang-Bum, “50% of sales of OLED and upbringing business in 2020”

Growing into the mainstream of OLED growth by expanding large OLED, differentiated products and supply

■ Small and Medium-sized POLED, strengthening fundamental business capacity and preparing future products such as Foldable

■ Develop commercial and automotive products, new technologies / new markets and develop into first-class business

LG Display is one of the world’s largest electronics exhibitors, and will hold a press conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Las Vegas on June 7, the day before the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with Han vice chairman, executive vice president Kang In-Byoung, Strategy and Marketing Group Director Song Young-kwon, and other executives.

At the meeting, Han Sang-bum said, “Although there were many difficulties due to excessive supply and enormous investment due to intensified global competition last year, large-sized OLED business turned to surplus and stable profit was generated mainly in high value-added products. “This year, LG Display will focus on OLED investments, accelerating OLED growth, and focus on commercial and automotive businesses. By 2020, LGD will account for more than 50% of total OLED and growth businesses. “He said.

To this end, LG Display plans to expand its large-size OLED market, strengthen its fundamental business capabilities in small- and mid-sized P-OLED (plastic OLED) businesses, and develop new markets with differentiated commercial and automotive products.

■ Large OLED, differentiated products and supply expansion

Since LG Display first supplied OLED TV panels in 2013, LG Display has continued to develop its technology. And last year, it sold nearly 3 million units and developed into a strong player in the premium TV market. This year, the company plans to expand its TV product lineup from the existing 4K resolution to 8K, and to further enhance its competitiveness by further enhancing performance such as luminance and response time. In addition, the company will expand its market by expanding differentiated products such as wall paper, CSO (Crystal Sound OLED), rollable and transparent display. LG Display will complete the G8.5 OLED panel factory in Guangzhou, China in the first half of this year, and mass-produce OLED from the third quarter. Through this, the company plans to expand its sales volume from 2.9 million units in 2018 to 4 million units this year, and to achieve more than 10 million units in 2021.

In addition, LGD will expand sales areas for existing customers, strengthen collaboration with strategic customers, and increase sales of premium products such as ultra-large size panel.

■ Small and mid-sized P-OLED, strengthening fundamental business capacity and preparing future products.

LG Display is targeting the small- and mid-sized OLED market through P-OLED.

This year, it is a great challenge to develop core technologies and products for strategic customers in a timely to raise market share of small- and medium-sized panel.

In addition, LGD plans to increase the production capacity of the Gen 6 Gumi factory, which has a capacity of 15,000 sheets per month, and to expand the P-OLED production capacity by early stabilizing the Gen 6 factory in Paju.

In addition, LGD plans to steadily prepare related technologies and infrastructure so that future products such as Foldable can be released on time.

■ Commercial and automotive displays, Fostering first-class business

LG Display nurtures the rapidly growing commercial and automotive businesses to first-class business.

In the commercial market, LGD plans to pursue differentiated products such as 98 and 86 inches, ultra-slim products such as in-touch, bezel of 0.44 mm, transparent and gaming.

For automobiles, LTPS-based high-resolution LCDs and P-OLEDs are expected to focus on 8-inch and larger screens and high-resolution products. In addition, LGD will prepare its production infrastructure to expand its business in a timely manner and further strengthen its cost competitiveness, thereby achieving the first place in the fast growing auto market.

This year LGD plans to complete investment in preparation for the future, which began in 2017. LGD Han Sang-Bum, vice chairman of LG Display, said, “LG Display will be able to lead the global display market once again with OLED.

OLED TV는 화질 뿐만 아니라 디자인과 음질 등 전영역을 아우르는 차별화 된 TV

“기존의 OLED TV가 화질 중심으로 진행 됐다면 현재의 OLED TV는 화질 뿐만 아니라 디자인과 음질 등 전 영역을 아우르는 TV다.”

지난 5일 강원도 횡성에서 열린 ‘제 12회 디스플레이 국가연구개발사업 총괄 워크샵’ 기조 연설에서 LG Display의 윤수영 상무는 명암과 색 표현력을 포함한 우수한 화질과 자유로운 디자인 설계, 음질 항샹 등 OLED TV의 장점을 소개하였다.



윤수영 상무는 “LCD와 다르게 OLED는 자발광으로 픽셀 단위로 제어가 가능해 완전한 black을 표현하고 무한대의 명암비를 구현할 수 있어 표현의 범위가 넓다”며, “밤하늘의 별이나 밝은 달을 표현하는 최적의 디스플레이는 OLED”라고 언급하였다. 또한 “OLED TV는 정확한 색 표현력으로 중간 계조 표현이 자유로워 실제와 같은 생생한 컬러를 구현할 있다”고 OLED TV의 우수한 화질을 강조했다.

이어서 지난 CES 2017에서 많은 관심을 끌었던 wall paper와 CSO(crystal sound OLED)를 소개하며 “기존의 OLED TV가 화질 중심의 TV였다면 현재의 OLED TV는 화질 뿐만 아니라 디자인과 음질 등 전 영역을 아우르는 TV다”라고 밝혔다. 특히 스피커를 내장하는 방식은 “디자인 개선의 효과와 더불어 입의 위치와 사운드의 위치를 일치시켜 몰입감 있는 화면 구현이 가능하다”고 강조했다.

또한 윤수영 상무는 상용화를 목적으로 개발 된 77 inch UHD 해상도, 투과율 40%, 곡률반경 80R을 구현하는 투명 flexible OLED를 소개하며 투명 디스플레이와 flexible 디스플레이가 미래의 디스플레이가 될 것임을 언급하였다. 더불어 solution process용 장비와 재료를 개발하고 있으며, 새로운 형태의 application과 form factor 발굴이 필요하다고 밝혔다

마지막으로 파주의 P10 공장을 언급하며 “올해 말 완공이 예상되는 P10은 많은 준비를 해서 궁극적으로 새로운 OLED TV를 생산할 수 있을 것”으로 기대했다.




OLED TV is the competitive TV covering the whole areas such as the design and the sound quality as well as the image quality.

“While the existing OLED TV is focused on the image quality, the current OLED TV is not only picture quality but also covering any areas including the design and the sound quality.”

In the keynote address for the workshop of ‘the 12th Display National R&D Projects’ held on 5 July in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do, Soo-young, Yoon, a director of LG Display, introduced the advantages of OLED TV such as superior image quality, design freedom, and sound quality improvement including the capacity of the light and shade, and color implementation.



He said, “It is unlike LCD, OLED is the self-emitting, and be able to be controlled by a pixel unit, so that it is capable of expressing the perfect black, and implementing the unlimited contrast range. Therefore, OLED is the best display to express the stars or a bright moon in the darkness.” And also, he emphasized that “OLED TV is free to express the middle gradation through the precise color expressiveness, so that it is able to realize the vivid color as realistic.”


Subsequently, he introduced the wallpaper and CSO (crystal sound OLED) which attracted lots of attention in last CES 2017, “If the existing OLED TV is an image quality-oriented, the current OLED TV goes through any areas such as the design, sound quality but also the image quality. Especially, the embedded speaker methods are able to realize the high level of immersion, by agreeing the position of the mouth and the sound along with the effect of design advancement.”

A director, Soo-young, Yoon, also introduced the transparent flexible OLED which can implements the radius of curvature 80R, 40% penetration ratio, and 77-inch UHD, that developed for the commercialization, and mentioned that the transparent and flexible display will be a future display. He also said that they are on-going to develop the devices and materials for solution process, and it needs to be discovered the new application and new form factor.

Finally, he mentioned the P10 factory at Paju, “We expect to ultimately produce new OLED TV at P10 factory which plans to be completed by the end of this year through thorough preparation.”