LG Display to Focus on OLED Investment in 2016

On January 27, LG Display held Q4 2015 earnings announcement, stating that the business profit recorded a surplus for 15 consecutive quarters, and annual profit of over 1 trillion KRW for 3 years.


LG Display’s Q4 2014 sales recorded 7,495,700 million KRW, a 5% increase from the previous quarter’s 7,158,200 million KRW and 10% decrease from 8,341,900 million KRW of the same period from the previous year. The business profit of 60,600 million KRW in Q4 is a significant decrease from previous quarter’s 332,900 million KRW and previous year’s 625,800 million KRW, a decrease of 82% and 90% respectively.


Sang-don Kim, LG Display’s CFO, mentioned that the business condition has been difficult due to weak demand and reduced panel prices as a result of China’s additional capa. establishment. Stating that it is hard to expect demand recovery as the economy continues to be uncertain in 2016, they suggested that the poor performances could continue.


Kim, in order to overcome the current situation, put up the keywords ‘choice and focus’. He reported that the investment could be flexible at times, but 50-60% of this year’s investment will be focused on OLED. He emphasized that choice and focus will be on areas with technological merits such as large area, M+, and AIT.


During the LG Electronics performance announcement (January 26), CFO Do Hyun Jung asserted world’s top premium image mentioning the OLED TV. LG Display also showed confidence in large area OLED technology. Sang-don Kim stated that OLED is a technology that exceeds existing LCD, and not only will it replace LCD TV but it is expanding the market and cemented its place as a premium product, jumping ahead of quantum dot TV. He added that whether in large size or small to mid-size, the technology difference of LCD with Chinese companies is 2-3 years, OLED is 5-6 years.

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