[Euroluce 2017] OLED, a new leader in the lighting market

On April 4 (local time), the world’s largest lighting exhibition Euroluce 2017 was held in Milan, Italy, where lighting company participants employing OLED all agreed that OLED will become a new leader in the lighting market.

“OLED is a very unique and distinctive light source offering a new opportunity to us to pioneer the lighting market,” said a manager of Arditi spa, a company specialized in OLED drivers. “As thin and light, OLED is a special light source which can be randomly applied to any purpose for such as architecture and vehicle. Particularly, OLED is not constrained to space, and its flexible properties are distinctive from other light sources. The price of OLED lighting has been addressed in some cases but at the end of the day it is the end user’s decision, and the current OLED is competitive enough,” he said.

<OLED driver of Arditi spa>

“OLED can be freely used on a low shelf,” said a manager of Manumeta, a company specialized in OLED furniture lighting. “We will employ OLED in many different applications as OLED is light and heat-resistant, which shows the potential and competitiveness of OLED.”

<OLED funiture lighting of Manumeta>

A manager of Astel said, “OLED lighting has a great deal of potential and will expand its scope in the lighting market.”

Lastly, Ross Lovegrove, a world famous industrial designer who unveiled a new OLED light called ‘Medusa’ and ‘Pyrosome’ in cooperation with LG Display, said, “OLED technology is fundamentally different from the existing lightings. It is a unique design that cannot possibly copied by any type of lighting source.”, stressing on the OLED’s strong competitiveness.

<flexible OLED lighting of LG Display>