Universal Display Reveals Advances in Flexible Plastic Transparent Phosphorescent OLED Technologies

On Thursday, 18th June, Universal Display unveiled new and elegant OLED white lighting design prototypes and technologies at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The items showcased the company’s device architecture and material and manufacturing process core competencies. These proof-of-concept panels and products, including the new Loop Lamp prototype, demonstrate how OLEDs offer flexibility, transparency, thinness and manufacturability on plastic for unbreakable displays and luminaires.

According to Universal Display’s press release, the Loop Lamp is comprised of paper-thin, flexible, shatterproof OLED lighting ‘ribbon’ panels designed into a unique concept chandelier. It is cool to touch and offers a high color rendering index (CRI) that can closely mimic natural sunlight. Manufactured using Universal Display’s single layer UniversalBARRIER® encapsulation technology, the plastic based OLED panels resist exposure to moisture and oxygen, are lightweight and can bend in all directions. The Loop Lamp represents one of many concepts in the application of flexible OLED lighting solutions in home décor, architectural design, art and sculpture.

Steven V. Abramson, President and CEO of Universal Display, explained that the Loop Lamp “embodies a number of our core technologies and fully embraces new design freedoms associated with OLEDs to create thin, conformable, non-glaring illumination sources for the display and solid-state lighting markets”. These prototypes showcase Universal Display’s innovative advancement in phosphorescent OLED materials and device architectures, encapsulation, optical outcoupling, flexible and transparent designs and processes as well as to present the extraordinary characteristics of OLEDs. Abramson also revealed their determination to continue driving down costs and increasing OLED performance to enable a future filled with beautifully designed, energy-efficient forms of light.

The Loop Lamp, Source : Universial DIsplay

The Loop Lamp, Source : Universal DIsplay