[MWC2015] Trend Analysis of Samsung Electronics Exhibition Strategy

Samsung Electronics, Apple, and Xiaomi can be considered the big 3 brands in smart phone market. Of these 3, only Samsung Elec. opened a booth in MWC2015. Apple and Xiaomi do not participate in offline exhibitions; Apple always holds independent introduction events for new products, and Xiaomi only handles online sales. The reason that Apple holds their own exhibition is due to their use of operating system, iOS, different from other companies’ Android system, and also their unrivaled position as the inventor of smart phone. They also have the ability to create buzz in world market through independent product reveal and promotion. Compared to this, Xiaomi is considered Apple’s imitator but in order to sell low-priced smart phone, having no offline stores is actually beneficial. As smart phone market within China occupies approx. 50% of world market, there is yet no need to promote the products overseas.

However, the situation for Samsung Elec., having to compete against Apple and Xiaomi, is different. They have to compete against Apple in high-priced smart phone market, and compete against Xiaomi’s mid-to-low priced smart phone that uses the same Android OS in Chinese market.

Samsung Elec.’s concerns were evident in MWC2015. Above all, for their flag ship model Galaxy S6, they chose to use exhibition strategy that could aptly present a mystical image of a ‘creation’ rather than a ‘product’.

First, regular visitors were allowed to see, but not touch. Second, by placing each product in pillar-shaped exhibition box in 2 rows with plenty of space in between, the area was reminiscent of a high-end designer store. The visitors were able to examine the 4 sides of Galaxy S6.

This concept of differentiated exhibition space demonstrated Samsung Elec.’s talent for marketing. Their emphasis on Galaxy S6 as a ‘creation’ rather than a ‘product’ showed their concern for maintaining their place within the high-end smart phone market

Samsung, Galaxy S6, MWC2015

Most of the mid-to-low price phones released by Samsung Elec. since last year were presented. Excluding Galaxy Z series, only available in certain countries, all of E series and A series were exhibited. Products that appeared on the market in the second half of 2014, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab, were also displayed in the same space.

Most of the companies utilize the exhibition space as a singular area. However, to suit world’s leading brand, Samsung Elec. applied an outstanding use of location by utilizing it as a dual space; existing products were displayed on the surface of the exhibition area, and Galaxy S was displayed in the deep creating the sensation of falling into Samsung.

Galaxy S6 Edge, MWC2015