[Lighting Japan 2015]What is the keyword for the next lighting industry?

The Lighting Japan 2015 was held on January 14, 2015 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan.

At the key note session, Jeffrey Cassis, the senior vice president of Phillips, began the first presentation with the theme of “Delivering the Promise and potential of digital light” emphasizing the notion of digital lighting and connected lighting in terms of the critical issue of how to combine a lighting with a smart city and ecosystem. He also hinted the importance of OLED lighting mentioning that most of the Philips’ R&D is concentrated on OLED despite the fact that the LED lighting will take about 65% of the entire lighting market by 2018.

The second speaker Prof. Ching W Tang from the Hong Kong University expressed “the sympathy with his view on the digital lighting that the OLED lighting will play a critical role” and highlighted the key issue is preparing for the price competiveness. He mentioned that the efficiency of current OLED lighting panel is about 23% and there is a potential to improve up to about 30%. Also he added that there will be a huge renovation in the lighting market if the total efficiency of the OLED lighting panel increases more than 50%.

As demonstrated in the key note session, the key for the future lighting industry can be summarized as both connectivity and OLED. The concept of connectivity which was underlined by the numerous electronics and automobile companies at the last CES 2015 is becoming a primary trend in the lighting industry and it is anticipated to center around the OLED lighting.


<Philips senior vice president Jeffrey Cassis>


<Hong Kong Univ. Prof. Ching W. Tang >