LG Chem. release 320x320mm OLED lighting and new application



The 320x320mm OLED light panel in LG Chem’s product portfolio in the world’s largest commercially available panel. The panel has an efficacy of 60lm/W, a high CRI (90) and is only 0.88mm thick. The output, which is similar to common 60-75 Watt incandescent lamp. This is significant because it marks the point where OLEDs will not only be seen as an energy-efficient and human friendly light source, but also come to be seen as a fit-for-purpose and proficient general purpose light source. The 320x320mm panel is now commercially available.

LG Chem has developed two types of “Mounting Solutions” for easy OLED panel installation with magnetic connections: Rail Connection and Linear Connection.



Rail connection

Each 200x50mm LG Chem OLED light panel is cased and a DC-DC driver is integrated. The AC-DC driver supplies DC to the conductor rail, and each lighting unit is magnetically attached to the rail receiving the power.



Linear Connection

The Linear Connection Solution also utilized 200x50mm OLED panels with chrome-finished casing. Each lighting unit is magnetically connected with other units in a series, and the units are also magnetically attached to the metal surface. When distance between the panels is required, and extension bar can be placed in between.

The mounting solutions can be easily applied anywhere, from retail store shelving to general home furniture.



The Transparent Electrode uses 320x110mm OLED panels. A transparent mesh conductive film, OLED panel and protection film are laminated on a sheet of glass. Hence, OLEDs turn on without direct wiring to the panels; therefore achieve a floating effect. The Transparent Electrode would be a great fit for retail shelving where temperature is a sensitive factor for instance in the cases of cosmetics of food. Different shapes and sizes of OLEDs can be applied diverse design needs.