Samsung Elec. and Apple Lead Flexible (Plastic) OLED Industry

2015 is forecast to be the year flexible (plastic) OLED actively enters the market. Galaxy S6, which was hugely popular in MWC 2015, is already to have received pre-order for 20 million units. Of these, approximately 50% is estimated to be for Galaxy S6 Edge.

Compared to only several million units of previously released Galaxy Round and Note Edge, the 2015 shipment for Galaxy S6 Edge is anticipated to reach 20 – 30 million units. In order to prepare for Galaxy S6 Edge sales Samsung Display began A3 line operation. Existing A2 line’s Gen 5.5 15K supply and Gen 6’s 15K of flexible OLED panels are to be used. Using these shipment, Samsung Electronics is planning to sell 50% of flexible OLED equipped Edge. What began with Omnia, Samsung Elec.’s lead in rigid AMOLED market is being transferred to their ability to control the secondary flow of flexible OLED market.

Smart phone market’s absolute leader Apple begins the sales of Apple Watch, equipped with LG Display’s plastic OLED, from April. Expected sales volume for this year is approximately 20 million units.

Samsung Elec.’s Galaxy S6 Edge is estimated to cost approximately 1,000 USD, and Apple is releasing various products costing from hundreds USD to thousands USD. If each product from the 2 companies cost 1,000 USD, the total set market is expected to exceed 35 thousand million USD.

The market that these 2 companies will create in this year’s smart device market is quite stunning. Accordingly, the flexible (plastic) OLED panel market is also expected to grow rapidly. Although neither company revealed the panel cost, considering the existing market is staying at 7 thousand million USD the 2015 AMOLED total market is forecast to reach 9 thousand million USD.