[Euroluce 2015] Kaneka Exhibits OLED Lighting Panel with 50 Thousand Hours of Lifetime

Marketing activities in Europe by Kaneka, one of Japan’s key OLED lighting panel companies, is attracting attention. Kaneka, the only company with active European marketing out of many OLED lighting companies in Japan, participated in Euroluce, a biennial event, in 2013 as well as 2015. Unlike most of Japanese OLED lighting companies whose promotion activities are focused on their domestic market, Kaneka is enthusiastic regarding lighting exhibition in Europe. This is analyzed to be because Kaneka is aiming for market expansion into Europe and North America, as well as Japan’s domestic market.


Kaneka explained that, “OLED lighting is suitable for European customers who consider design and diversity to be important as they have good energy efficiency, thin surface light source, soft light, and ability to produce various colors”, and revealed “increasing European consumers’ awareness of OLED lighting is the priority assignment and the main reason for this exhibition”.


In Euroluce 2015, Kaneka exhibited OLED lighting panel with 50 thousand hours of lifetime with 1.05mm thickness. They presented 5 colors of white, red, amber, blue, and green with 3 different panel sizes of 80x80mm, 100x100mm, and 143x23mm.


Kaneka possesses a manufacturing line that can produce 20,000 panels per year, and in past have announced their target of approx. 50 billion Yen in revenue by 2020.


Kaneka Booth, Euroluce 2015

Kaneka Booth, Euroluce 2015