[Finetech Japan 2015] The Third Display Revolution, to be Accomplished by OLED?

Speaking in a keynote session in Finetech Japan 2015 which opened on April 8, LG Display’s Vice President Yoon Sooyoung reported that “the first revolution in TV market was transformation to color from black and white, the second revolution was from CRT to flat panel display such as PDP and LCD, and the third revolution will be accomplished by OLED”.


Yoon also spoke that “until now the market was formed centering on investment by display companies, but in future the market will be created by differentiation and new application” and added “the key focus will be freedom in design and color quality such as rich color scheme” and that “OLED is the most suitable display for this”.


The differentiation mentioned by Yoon is OLED’s advantage in flexible and transparent realization as substrate can be formed using diverse materials compared to other displays. OLED is also superior in color gamut control through achievement of perfect black. Yoon emphasized the OLED is better suited for next generation display compared to LCD equipped with new technology; “LCD also achieved color gamut exceeding OLED through technology such as QD, but this is during full white, and in mid-range grayscale, color control is difficult in BLU driven LCD. However, OLED can perfectly express black using infinite contrast range and perfect color control is possible even in lower grayscale”.


On the basis of these advantages, LG Display is aiming for shipment of 600 thousand units of OLED panel for TV this year, and 1.4 million units in 2016, leading the launch of large area OLED TV market. LG Display is striving to bring the next generation of display market toward OLED by active mass production of plastic OLED panel. Samsung Display is estimated to further vitalize OLED market with their bold A3 mass production, and Chinese companies’ mass production will also do their part in OLED’s leadership formation in next generation display market.

Vice President Yoon Sooyoung, Finetech Japan 2015

By Yu Jin Hong, reporter@olednet.co.kr