Bernd Unrecht releases suspended lamp “Adjust S-OLED”

Bernd Unrecht, a German lighting company, introduced the “Adjust” series of OLED light panels that emit glare-free and diffuse light into their surroundings. They come in three sizes (3, 6, or 12 OLED panels).


The OLED panels used for the “Adjust” series emit warm-white light (3,000K) and features a high CRI of 90, a brightness level of 3,000 cd/m2, and a lifetime of 40,000 hours. The power consumption is 2.55W (150lm). These are 14×14 cm OLED panels with a 12.9×12.9 cm active area.


Given their features, it is assumed that LG Chem’s N6SC30, one of the company’s square type products, is used.

141120_Bernd Unrecht1 141120_Bernd Unrecht