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[Press Release] Foldable OLED Market Grows Fast to US$ 24.6 Billion by 2023

5G communication technology introduced from next year can process higher image quality and large-capacity contents such as VR more rapidly, besides real-time streaming service. As the communication speed increases, the relevant contents, are expected to be released, which require high resolution and large screen with graphics detailed.

The meaning of ‘Flexpai’, the world’s first foldable mobile phone

Having a Gen5.5 7.5K line in Shenzhen, Royole is known as a head mount display (HMD) company rather than a display company. After completing installation of equipment in the second quarter of this year, Royole has been developing panels for the target of 7.8-inch tablet PC.
RoYole has two peculiarities in OLED field. One is the world’s first mass-production of foldable OLEDs and the other is the first use of oxide TFTs in mobile displays.

[IMID 2018] Samsung Display, The display that will lead 5G is OLED

At the IMID 2018 exhibition held in COEX, Seoul from Oct. 24 to 26, Samsung Display presented various OLED products under the theme of ‘optimized OLED for 5G era’.
First, Samsung Display emphasized the advantages of OLED by introducing the transition process of full screen OLED and HDR & true black under the theme of ‘realistic multimedia’. Currently, the smartphone market is dominated by full-screen smartphones applied with OLED, and OLEDs are able to display a completely black color compared to LCDs, resulting in a clearer picture quality.

Japan’s first flexible OLED, finally made its debut

Japan, which used to be the strongest country in display industry in the past, gradually declined through the era of CRT, PDP and LCD, and has fallen to the third-largest producer in OLED industry after China.Currently, Japanese companies that produce AMOLEDs are Sony and JOLED. Both companies are producing OLED for special monitors at 500 ~ 1,000 units per month. Although JDI has developed flexile OLED, it has not commercialized yet.

Room mirror and side mirrors of Smart Car will be replaced by OLED

Japan Electronics Show, CEATEC2018, was held at Makuhari Messe last week. CEATEC JAPAN 2018 is a global showcase for Japan’s growth strategies and vision of the future. Various Japanese companies exhibited products centered on IoT robots and AI. It is recognized that the electronics industry in Japan is gradually shifting from large hardware to small advanced parts and software industries. In the exhibition, the core technology of smart car was introduced for self driving. Kyocera introduced cockpit technology that can anticipate and prevent various accidents that may occur in blind spots as advanced sensing technology and image processing technology to enhance the safety of automobiles.

[ICEL 2018] What are the future challenges for LG Display to improve OLED TV performance?

At ICEL 2018, held at Jeju International Convention Center from Oct. 15, Soo-Young Yoon, Vice President and Head of LG Display Laboratory, presented the challenges for the OLED TV performance improvement and price reductionYoon said “In 2018, the future prospects of OLED TVs have changed more positively compared to that in 2016. In 2013, only LG Electronics was an OLED TV set maker. The number of OLED TV set makers has steadily increased; ten in 2016, and fifteen in 2018. Many TV set makers are choosing OLED. “

The golden market for Automotive OLED Displays is approaching.

The display of connected cars is getting bigger and bigger to for the convenience of providing various information. The displays used in general vehicles include the cluster, CID (center information display), RSE (rear seat entertainment), and RMD (room mirror display). In connected cars, various buttons of the center fascia are displayed, and a display is attached to the door using a camera instead of a side mirror. The Audi e-tron®, all-new electric Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) feature a small side-view OLED display instead of the existing side mirrors.

IFA 2018 TV 전시 동향

2018년 8월 30일부터 9월 5일까지 베를린에서 유럽 최대 가전 전시회인 IFA2018이 개최되었다. IFA2018에서 전시된 TV는 OLED TV를 비롯하여 LCD TV와 micro LED TV, laser TV 4종류가 있었으며, 전시 참가 업체는 삼성전자, LG전자, 소니, 파나소닉, 샤프, 도시바, TCL, 하이센스, 창홍, 필립스, 베스텔, 메츠, 그룬딕, 레베 등이 있었다.

[IFA2019] 소니 4K OLED TV 브라비아 마스터 시리즈 AF9 공개

소니가 IFA2019에서 공개한 AF9 시리즈 OLED TV는 차세대 고화질 프로세스 X1 Ultimate로서 약 2배의 리얼타임 화상처리 능력을 실현하여 현실 세계에 가까운 깊은 검정색과 밝은 흰색 표현이 가능하도록 했다. 음향 처리부분에서는 acoustic surface audio+ 기술로서 본체 후면 좌우의 actuator에 더하여 가운데에도 actuator를 설치하였다. 여기에 배면 스탠드에 서브 우퍼를 좌우 설치하여 3.2 채널 98W의 임장감을 표현하는 고화질 […]

[IMID 2018] LG Display와 Samsung Display, 다수의 대형과 중소형 OLED application 전시

LG Display와 Samsung Display가 부산 BEXCO에서 열리고 있는 IMID 2018에서 OLED를 활용한 다수의 application을 선보이며 관람객들의 이목을 집중시켰다. 특히, LG Display는 77인치 transparent flexible OLED와 55인치 video wall OLED 등 대형 OLED application 위주로 전시한 반면, Samsung Display는 자동차용과 가상현실 기기용 OLED 등 중소형 OLED application을 주로 선보이며 뚜렷하게 서로 다른 사업 전략을 선보였다.

2018 imid_ 투명디스플레이와 자동차용 디스플레이 전시를 통한 신규 사업 방향 제시

2018년 8월 부산에서 개최된 imid는 점점 전시의 규모를 키워가고 있음을 보여주었다. 대한민국 디스플레이 산업을 이끄는 삼성디스플레이와 엘지디스플레이는 모두 투명 디스플레이를 전시하였다. 엘지디스플레이는 77인치 탑에미션 방식의 투과율40% 투명 디스플레이와 55인치 FHD OLED 패널 3장을 이어붙인 비디오 월을 전시하였다. 비디오 월은 베젤이 3.5mm 에 불과하며 이 외에도 VR OLED 패널을 전시 지속적인 개발을 통해 성능이 향상되고 있음을 […]

[IFA2018] 엘지전자 88인치 OLED TV 최초 공개

유럽 최대 가전 전시회인 IFA의 엘지전자 TV 부스는 역시 OLED가 TV의 주력을 차지하였다. CES2018에는 전시되지 않았던 88인치 8K OLED TV가 공개상에서 최초로 모습을 드러내었다. 88인치 8K OLED TV는 OLED의 화려한 색상과 완벽한 블랙에 초고해상도가 더해져서 입체감이 한층 살아난 최상의 TV임을 보여주고 있다. 엘지전자 관계자에 의하면 프리미엄 TV 해상도가 4K를 넘어 이미 8K 시장으로 진입을 시작했기 […]